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Mining Consultant Wiluna West, Pilbara, Australia

Mining Consultant

 Mr Roger K. Olsson                             Giuelith Timantti Metal Trading Company Limited

About the Author

Roger K. Olsson is based in London and leads the metals and mining division of the commodity trading and management group. He has more than 20 years of experience as an industry executive and consultant to the global metals and mining industries. He works with leading companies in the areas of strategy, management and acquistitions, bussiness intermediation and transformation. He is the founder of the Giuelith Timantti Limited and is a recognized specialist on mining issues and development. 



Republic of the Union of Myanmar

One kind of a most interesting development of our time is the opening of a new financial market. Why is this development more trigging than anything else? I think it is the macro-economic growth, emerging market trend in Southeast Asia, bilateral reforms, and most of all I think the important incentive in this development is the organizational ability for the accessibility to the global growth prone resources. There are foreign investors that are seeking to broaden their operations and strengthening their competitiveness through investments out of sometimes unless slowdown markets and doing so through investments in safe and fast growth opportunities. I am saying that the development happening in Myanmar is one kind of most interesting developments of our time. However, in this state of the development it may be important for managing risk by broaden the information about the Myanmar Investment Commission Permit, the MIC Permit. For our own part, it is most just now to identify and develop the platform for our project and for our investment in Burma/Myanmar. We must also work toward more long-term business intelligence against the market.

In the raise of the question for the communication about emergency management. The system for emergency management I therefore associate such implementation to the defence ministeries and departments in surround to Myanmar and to every country participating in the trans-national partnership and those with the right capability to participate in any phase of the development. 

Emergency Aid Port - Bay of Bengal and Gulf of Martaban

There is a huge job to put together the field work for the lower section of the Myanmar lower mainland for the emergency management programs. 

Logistics may be handeled from naval to air in Kyaukpyu for inland operations.

We make the section for the preparedness in Upper Section and Lower Section by point out the line from Chaung Thar to Kamarmaung. Including Kyaikto, Ka Mar Se, Hmawbi, Inma, and Chaung Thar. Yangon belongs to the Lower Section of the mainland of  Myanmar. Ka Don Ka Ni, Kadônkani, Pyanpon, Pyinsalu, Zigyaing and Chaung Thar with the whole area of the lowland is critical for weather conditions and sealevel.  

"If we must adapt any operational action we must define the exit gates."

Framework to Emergency Management Programs

Analysis, Ideas and Suggestions to Emergency Management Programs (full document herein is confinential as it stated)

This document is prepared 2014-05-24 with the only purpose in research. This guide is not accurate representation of the final emergency management plan.

This summary indicates a communication with the international society in association to the development of our business. However, we have set ahead preparing the emergency management plan for our company. This document is aimed only purpose as research and there is nothing in the character of any immediate to be report, nor any issues arisen in this document would thereof be subject to address any vertical research to us. Any vertical research, inquiries, suggestions or ideas about the national emergency management system may be direct Myanmar National Defence and Security Council, the Institution for Emergency Management in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.  You can also consult your embassy withing any questions arisen herein.

Mingaladon Industrial Park Co., Ltd. Corner of No. 3 Highway and Khayebin Road Mingaladon Township, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) Tel: (+951) 639002 ~ 639006 Fax: (+951) 639017 Email: Website: http://www.mingaladon.com.

Herein is been raised questions about the current situation. There may be already in place all necessary mapping for the areas with the most risks for today around the world. However, I am here realizing the capability of being part today for organizing the perspective here in Tromso, in Norway. Let us make an estimation for the current action plan within a large scale emegency rescue operation herefrom. I have set ahead a 3 h journey to Tromso, here from this physical position. Let us think out of a naval special operation unit preparing for the perspective to the world, we have naturally take it as it comes the day it comes for us to phase such action to be taken. However, there may be a softening perspective to know the thinkable areas to be keeped in line with/for activation to an rescue operation of scale. So if we manage to set ahead any information relevant to this sort of perspective how does it feels to go through the outher part at the satellite map and gain the nearby cities innvolved for say to keep an eye on let say from my perspective it would concern surround to the Tromso unit capability for Moscow, Kiev, Alexandria, Istanbul, Teheran, England, or in other words, the cities inside the circle for a thinkable rescue preparedness. Is there benefits for to view preparedness for such named circle.  If we cover each other in this circle, and we find that for example that Moscow comes further far east than we do from Norway, and so on. There may be some really interesting reseach. 

What  is the circle for the rescue operation of scale in fact? 

"How does this goes with the national emergency management plan? Alright, the national plan may be in first place for the priority for all the rescue centers or emergency management centers. But if our unit was given a different perspective and this perspective was emergency management on a international degree. How would we in a best way get access to the emergency management rescue operation plan for each nation? Today I am finding structure by structure of defense department. The knowledge of data from each nations structure for operational differences. Training and physical training may be coup. So here is two perspectives to that it is necessary with the national rescue emergency management and the gathering of differences in operational structural factors for international operations. We are in the position were we can provide the funding and we also search for grants."

The Zakat Humanitarian Community

Our goal and purpose with this is also to be defined as something of a responsibility to unified operability! I WOULD SAY THAT WE ACT UPON THAT RESPONSIBILITY!

and; We do provide incentives and resources to help entrepreneurs and start ups, business plans, ideas and innovations, space, research and development for those areas were economic growth targets are defined and confirmed as cooperative bodies. 

The Zakat Humanitarian Community - Strategic Research for Growth for Regional Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Employment. Read more!

Myanmar- National


UNDER CONSTRUCTION as of 2015-05-28

Document of The Myanmar Development Corporate Bond (MDCB) Mines and Minerals Economic Zone (MMSEZ).

SETTLEMENT FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Report No. 1-23 PROJECT COMPLETION REPORT MYANMAR LAND SETTLEMENT INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT BANK LOAN. MAY 25, 2014 Infrastructure and Civil Engineering Operations Division Country Department 1. Myanmar Regional Office Mingaladon Township, Yangon, Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Burma).

This document has a restricted distribution and may be used by recipients only in the performance of their official duties. Its contents may not otherwise be disclosed without authorization. 


ABBREVIATIONS The Land Registration Directorate and Implementation Committee - Myanmar Mines and Minerals Investment Management Committee for the Settlement of Myanmar Mines and Minerals Economic Zone (MMSEZ).


MEMORANDUM TO THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS AND THE PRESIDENT SUBJECT: Project Completion Report onThe Myanmar Development Bond - Mines and Minerals Economic Zone (MMSEZ).

Herein is been declared statement under construction and the Project Completion Report (PCR) on the The Myanmar Development Bond - Mines and Minerals Economic Zone (MMSEZ). Further official information is expect to happen before the end of 2017.

Myanmar Special Economic Zone Law

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Myanmar - Mandalay



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What Happens Next?

Giuelith Timantti Metal Trading Company Limited - Wiluna West, Pilbara, Australia


Mining Consultant, Contracts and Procurement Information for Suppliers and Stakeholders 2015-05-28



SW1Y 5EA London, UK 

VAT: 07371355 


Roger K. Olsson 

Email: linership@yandex.com 

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